Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teacher Homework

I've got some teacher homework to do.  First I'll make the list. Then I'll schedule the events, and after that I'll get to work.

The List
  • UClass lessons and lesson videos: standards-based work that I'll employ in my classroom each day.
  • Deeper Learning MOOC: Catch up and application in lesson/unit design and teaching.
  • Fraction Unit: Information review, unit revision, design, and implementation.
  • Endangered Species/Biomes: collaborative project review, design, and implementation.
  • Spring PBL: Lots of research, design, and planning. 
  • RETELL: Learning and classroom integration.
  • NBPTS recertification completion.
Keeping our learning/teaching study focus readily available helps us to make good decisions with regard to our times and effort in education--managing our time well helps us to serve the children with strength.  What's on your learning/teaching list?  Share if you will as the more we share the work and plans we have, the more we can assist, support, and promote each others good work for children.