Monday, January 20, 2014

Deeper Learning MOOC Week #1: Learning and Student Share

Deeper learning requires students to think, question, pursue, and create.”  - Eduardo Briceño

Are You a Deep Learner?
A Fourth Grade Introduction to Deep Learning
Are you a deep learner?  As I embark on the Deeper Learning MOOC, I plan to share my learning with Team 15, my fourth grade class, through a number of learning activities.  The activities below are a draft of the actions the students and I will embark on during week one.  As I interface more with the Deeper Learning MOOC community, I will likely revise the draft in some ways.  Let me know if you have thoughts or suggestions.   - Ms. Devlin 1/20/14

Day One:
Do you have the disposition of a deep learner?
Read and think about the learning actions below.  How are these actions exemplified in your learning?  As a class we’ll discuss this.
  • I collaborate
  • I pay attention to many perspectives.
  • I show initiative
  • I persevere
  • I’m curious.
Day Two:
Let’s talk about the classroom learning.  In what ways do the projects, learning, and classroom events help you to optimize your learning with the behaviors below?  What behaviors are regularly part of our classroom learning community, and what behaviors do we miss?  How can we make sure that everyone includes these behaviors in his/her learning?
Do you optimize your learning?
  • I reflect, react, shape, and apply skill, concept and knowledge.
  • I transform my learning into meaningful action and reaction.
  • I integrate multiple information points, sources, and events.
  • I learn and create for an audience.
  • I solve real problems.
  • I create useful products/invention, and devise solutions.
  • I systematically observe.
  • I collaborate to design.
  • I contribute and create public exhibitions of learning.
  • I respectfully give and accept critique.
  • I self assess and revise.
  • I research using a variety of texts and information resources including interviews, news articles, research reports, stories, essays, video, experiences, and more.
  • I am an integrated, valued member of my learning community and classroom team.
  • I spend time every day working on my individual learning goals and interests.
  • My classroom teacher(s) is a learner, who readily shares her learning challenges, strategies, and growth with me.
Day Three
The following deeper learning mindset statements are truths about learning. Draw a poster, make a movie, write a song, or create something else that will help you to remember these statements, and allow you to share these powerful truths with other learners.
Do you have a deeper learning mindset?
  • I understand that I can change my intelligence and abilities through effort.
  • I can succeed.  If I put my mind and effort towards success, I can succeed.
  • I belong in this learning community. It is the responsibility of the learning community to value me, and help me reach my learning goals in optimal ways.
  • This work has value and purpose for me.. It is the obligation of the learning community and me to find ways to make the learning meaningful, relevant, and valuable.

Day Four
Let’s educate the school about deeper learning.  Each team will choose one strategy or habit and make a learning poster for the whole school so that everyone knows what it takes to be a deep learner. Be prepared to share your poster in a creative way with others (presentation, poetry, song, dance, theater. . . .)

Do you employ effective learning strategies & habits?
  • I am actively engaged in learning. I don’t just sit there.
  • I seek learning challenges. I don’t just do what I already know.
  • I learn what I don’t know, and go beyond my comfort zone. I look forward to a challenge even though I know I will make mistakes and it will be uncomfortable at times.
  • I use mistakes as an opportunity to learn, clarify, and study process. Every time I make a mistake, I’ll say, "Just another step on the learning stairs--what did I learn today?"
  • My teacher coaches my learning strategies by focusing feedback on my choices, behavior, attitude, and efforts. I will ask my teacher the following questions: Did I use a good strategy?  Did you think I had a learner’s mindset? Did you notice how I worked with creativity and tenacity?  Did you notice I used multiple resources, and collaborated with peers?
  • I look to the stories and words of successful learners/doers in my community and world for inspiration and understanding. When I’m frustrated, challenged, or even lost in my learning, I’ll look to the words and stories of those I admire and those who have successfully overcome similar challenges.
  • I use research to inform my learning behavior, goals, and strategies.  I research to learn. I start with easy to read, summary information in places like easy-to-read books, Wikipedia, quick Google searches, and well-known sites.  As my research grows, so will the sites, information, experts, and resources I use to develop my understanding.
  • I ask about, research, and discover why and how my learning is relevant to my life, community, and world. In order to psych myself up for the learning, I will learn how the learning objective/task is relevant to my success or the the success of my community/world.  That meaning will inspire my good work.
  • I use my ePortfolio to chart my learning goals, efforts, strategies, revision, assessment, and share.  I will regularly reflect in my ePortfolio.  I will work with my teachers, mentors, family, and coaches to set goals/process, use strategy, and assess learning.
  • My teachers and family members are my learning coaches who mentor and model learning strategies, problem solving, and presentation to and with me. I will ask my family/teachers to help me in my quest to learn well.
  • I make an effort to share my learning with my classmates, younger students, family members and others who I can help. I will decide on an audience for all significant learning actions, and learn with that audience in mind.  Later I will share the learning with that audience.
  • I find the resources, questions, projects, and problems that inspire my learning tenacity and direction as I move towards creating my life--a life that includes work I value, people I care for, and a lifestyle that brings me joy. I self reflect as I learn, always thinking about what it is that I want to learn, and how I will learn that well in order to build a meaningful life of contribution, care, creativity, and camaraderie.

Lesson Additions:
Kevin Hodgson @dogtrax Deeper Learning Cartoon Thanks Kevin! Love the cartoon.

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