Friday, December 13, 2013

Teacher: Room Designer

The classroom design changes repeatedly throughout the year. Today I'll get my morning workout by rearranging desks, tables, cabinets, posters, and displays to prepare for the culture celebration. Just like a party at your house, the celebration offers the drive to clean up, organize, and set the stage for share and fun.

I like having a celebration at the end of a school semester as it puts the finishing touches on the first leg of learning, and sets the stage for the next chapter of the year.

Also to motivate the final stage of our project, I'll have the posters displayed when the children walk in.  That will give them a chance to look over their own poster as well as everyone else's. This review will inspire final edits and finesse.

Step-by-step we inch towards the finish line of the culture project.  Just like a mountain climb, the final stages are typically a steep climb of energy and perseverance--a climb worth the time as the summit is typically worth the work.  Onward.