Saturday, December 28, 2013

Preparing for the New Year: A Day of Study

Sandwiched between the festivities is a day of study.

The book and assignment are ready.

My questions are set.

I'm looking forward to one full day focused on lifting my professional work prior to the new year.

How is this day so much more enticing than the study days of old?

First, I've chosen to embark on this study for a variety of reasons.

This study will continue my membership in the NBPTS which is an association I continue to value.  I mainly value this association because it means NBPTS is an association of dedicated educators--educators whose ideas, investment, and share improve my craft and professional work.

This study will also focus me on my practice in a detailed way helping me to see specific areas where I can improve, and specific areas where my work is strong.

The study will also give me a chance to sit down and reflect on the latest research with regard to my professional work--a good reminder of what my daily work should look like in the new year.

Making the time now and then to invest an entire day to studying the research and information related to your field invigorates your practice and helps you to create the path of next steps related to your professional growth.