Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Gifts

The gifts we give ourselves are precious.

Those are the gifts that propel us forward, strengthen our character, and allow us to give to others with care.

What gifts will you give to yourself in 2014?

I've comprised my own personal gift list.

The Gift of Writing and Reflection
As readers of my blog you know that I look forward to daily writing and reflection.  So rather than chastise myself for needing and taking this time, I will gift myself this daily ritual of spending an hour (or more on weekends) of reflection and writing.

The Gift of Time with My Best Friend
I cherish my best friend more than any other person in the world--he is my rock.  Hence, I'll gift myself time daily and weekly to enjoy this person's company.

The Gift of Family
I treasure family, both intimate and extended.  Hence in the new year, I'll make time to be with my family.

The Gift of Teaching and Learning
I chose to become a teacher because I felt it was a career path that held terrific potential for individuals, communities, and the world.  I still feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and challenging profession.  I will give myself the gift of honoring this professional path, and the time to pursue teaching and learning with strength, commitment, and collaboration.

The Gift of Nature
Nothing is more inspirational in my life than the beauty of nature--I love a quiet meadow, a meandering river, a mountain top, snowy field, giant tree, beautiful gardens, and sandy/rocky coasts.  The rhythm of waves, wind, rain, and night/day comfort me, and the tempest of wild storms awaken me.  In the new year, I'll make time to engage in nature regularly.

The Gift of Ideas
Challenging myself to interact with new ideas and people is a great gift--one that is much easier to obtain now that we have the flow of ideas via blogs, edcamps, Twitter, chats, and more.  Though often daunting to share your thoughts and consider others' ideas online and off, this gift is one that keeps you young, alive, and vibrant both in your personal and professional life.

The Gift of Adventure
There's nothing more exhilarating than exploring a new place, hence I'll make time to do that this year. I'll visit familiar places and find the unfamiliar there, and I'll visit places I haven't been to before and adventure while there.

The Gift of Health
To do all that I want to means that I'll need the gift of health--so I'll do what I can to strengthen that aspect of my life.

The Gift of a Warm Home
I'll continue my quest to create an as-simple-as-possible home, one that I can tidy, leave, or welcome others to at a moment's notice.  A place that has a few inviting pieces of furniture, lovely art, warm colors, and a place where my children and loved ones feel welcomed and cared for.

Rather than New Year's Resolutions, this year I'm giving myself New Year's Gifts--gifts that make life worth living, and gifts that bring the spunk, spark, and happy surprise to life.

What gifts will you bring to your life in 2014?  I look forward to reading your list.