Monday, December 16, 2013

Positivity, Support

Today I received emails that were demeaning and emails that were supportive. Hearing Godin's post prompts me to hold on to the messages of support, encouragement and light, and to ignore the punitive emails.

We can all get better, and we can all be more.  What really helps in this regard is encouragement, conversation, and support, and what doesn't help is a constant barrage of threats, insults, and put-downs.

How can we work together to do a better job?  In what ways can we collaborate to serve children well?  How do we use language to educate and encourage one another?

Positivity breeds success, while a constant barrage of negativity breeds frustration, lack of confidence, and more time spent on worry than productive work.

Hence, the message is to continually seek out those who support you with honest, encouraging feedback, not admonishment.

Every work place encompasses a range of response and care--find the streams of promise, and avoid those of despair.