Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Recently it was inferred that I wasn't following a policy--a policy I didn't even know about, and a policy I still don't understand.

I asked for the details and received no response.

This is disconcerting, and I'm trying to see it from other points of view.

I want to know.

What is the exact policy?  What is the expectation?  I want to follow.

What could be the reason for not sharing the information?  Did I miss an email, misread a regulation, or was I absent during an important meeting? Is the expectation so clear to some that they can't believe another would be confused?

Schools have multiple policies, many personnel, and much time-on-task with children leaving little time for the planning, prep, collaboration and communication related to the teaching day.

Hence, streamlined systems and effective, transparent communication are more important than ever.

Also the expectations are complex: multiple standards, competing theories, many leaders, and children with diverse interests and needs.

It could be that I'm expecting the details too soon after asking the question.

In the end, it is my goal to teach well, meet system-wide expectations, and work with colleagues with focus and care.

Hopefully, the clarification will be forthcoming, and I'll better understand this expectation prior to the new year so I can adjust the student schedule accordingly.  Yet one more unexpected turn on the teaching road.