Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thoughts About Math RTI

As I think about the math program, I find it manageable to meet the needs of most students in the class.  The students that I find most difficult to serve are those about two years below grade level, the ones who really struggle with math concept and skill.

Year after year these students come to us, and year after year we have difficulty meeting their needs because what they need is a five day a week developmental math program that starts where they are and builds with apt tools, attention, and strategy.  It takes a keen teacher to serve these students well, and as I remember from the math class I took last year, about 10% of students fall into this category.

What is your school doing to serve these students well?  How are you managing your staff so that you can find the time to provide that needed consistent five-day-a-week developmental program to bring these students forward.  I think if we really make the time to look at our resources well we'll be able to implement a program like this to serve children well.  I'm interested in your success stories, strategies, and efforts in this regard.  Thanks.