Wednesday, October 30, 2013

School Teams Instead of Classrooms: Elementary Student Advisories

I think the time is here to create school teams rather than classrooms.

Similar to advisory groups, the school team would consist of one professional educator with a small group of students.

The team, like a family, would be a child's first home in the elementary school.

The team leader, the teacher, would get to know this small group of children well. He/she would be the children's first advocate in the school house making sure that children are getting the program that best serves their needs.

Each day, elementary school children would meet with their team for a significant amount of time.  During that time the team would engage in read aloud, independent reading, independent writing, social skill discussions and trouble shooting, and other team building activities.  The team teacher would be the one responsible for report card distribution, backpack packing, parent conferences, and family communication.

In the school house today there are many professionals who play many roles, this team/advisory role would be a responsibility of every professional including classroom teachers, special educators, therapists, coaches, and possibly curriculum leaders too depending on the context, numbers of students, and personnel available.

A small, responsive group within the larger group may serve to personalize education for all students with greater effect each day.  What do you think? Is this possible, and would it make a positive difference in schools today.