Monday, October 21, 2013

Sticking Points

Yesterday on a venture outside of my typical environment, there were many sticking points.
  • I met a law professor who was passionate about his work, study, and outside writing and research. This reminded me that I have to make the time to surround myself with academics, visionaries, artists, and idealists more often.
  • I spoke to a young college student passionate about researching and inventing better prosthetics--his passion was contagious.
  • I watched another young college student use his gift of talk and social understanding to engage a wide range of individuals in minutes.
  • I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a good friend that caused new revelations and learning.
  • I noticed the absolute beauty of the landscape.
  • I listened to the ongoing tale of an adventurer I know--another chapter of a fascinating story.
  • I visited with some loving grandparents and got a glimpse of my later life through their words and actions. 
I repeat this often, but the chance to get outside of your typical surroundings always results in a renewed outlook.  I have to do this more often.