Monday, October 21, 2013

Low Tech

The last few years of my teaching career have been marked by an enthusiastic move towards greater tech with teaching.  I like tech for many reasons including the fact that tech often makes learning more engaging and accessible.

Lately, the backlash related to tech use has been too much for me.  I don't want to lose my job, and I'm too tired to advocate at the moment, hence I'm making a move to low tech.

Students will complete a presentation or two, type on Google docs, access homework links and newsletters via the Internet, and sometimes use a few skill based programs, but for the most part that will be it for a while. On my own time I'll continue to investigate and write about tech, but I won't employ much at school unless led to do so.

The no tech advocates will be pleased with this decision, and most families probably won't mind since most of my students use a lot of tech at home.  In the meantime, I'll focus on the units leadership promotes.  Yet another change in the teaching road.