Sunday, October 20, 2013

Focus on the Good

As I looked over the many Twitter threads yesterday, I was reminded of all the good that is happening in education. As a critical thinker, I have to stop now and then to recognize and reflect on the positive events that are happening in the world of learning. Here's a short list to consider:

Education Chats
Lots of terrific online Twitter chats to invigorate your practice on your own time in your own home. 

Great Education Conferences
Many, many opportunities to learn with other passionate educators. 
and so many more.

A constant source of ready information, affirmation, and challenge. 

Your questions answered, thoughts heard, rumblings acknowledged, debate entertained. 

You Tube
Just about anything you want to begin to know is available on Twitter.  It's a good place to remind yourself, introduce yourself, share, and immerse yourself in a topic you're interested in. 

Ready Information
Information abounds to ignite, deepen, inform, and connect your lessons and daily work. 

This is such an amazing time in education where the resources to do a good job are readily available. The challenge today is to match our school structures, routines, and schedules to the opportunities that exist.  This is a good time in learning; now let's make it a good time in education too.