Monday, September 16, 2013

Third Week of School Promise

The first two weeks of school have passed. Those weeks were very busy as we began routines, tweaked schedules, and hosted parents for a curriculum night.  As week three starts today, I'm looking forward to a student-centered week.  The lessons are planned, the focus targeted, and the team informed.

What will the week bring.

First, there are a number of assessments this week. I'll watch closely as students tackle math, writing, and reading assessments. Will they meet the tasks with energy and an open mind or will they be resistant, worried, and challenged?

I'll also dive into the first close reading lessons this week. How will I generate enthusiasm and investment into this important process--a process which will serve to give students critical reading and writing skills as well as an information foundation for upcoming field studies and projects.

We'll continue our read aloud making connections along the way and charting how the main character's actions, thoughts, and feelings affect her life's events.  We'll also create a timeline as that's one good way to keep track of a historical fiction.

Edmodo, Kahn, SumDog, and Dragon Box will serve as at-home bonus study spots--I'll check in to see who is gravitating towards this enrichment work.

Finally, there will be a number of opportunities to hone my collaborative skill as our team works together on the persuasive writing unit, shares learning materials, grasps the new evaluation system, and sets the stage for a year of successful, fruitful PLCs.

A busy week ahead, but a good week.  Thanks to my PLN near and far for all their support, great ideas, and encouragement as I move forward in this teaching year.