Sunday, September 15, 2013

Frustration and Solution

Frustration often leads to compromised work.

Often frustrations are given little time at the education table so they persist.

I'm thinking about the frustration in order to minimize the distraction to good work.

What are they?
  1. Ineffective process. How can we make process effective and efficient to teach children well?
  2. No breaks. How can we find time in the day so that everyone gets a short break every two or so hours. In some cases that doesn't happen. This might mean a subtle change in the schedule.
  3. Lead time. How can we make sure to give educators lead time for tasks noting that most educators are busy from the time they step into a school on Monday until Friday afternoon. The best think time is usually the weekends--that's the time to plan ahead, take a close look at agenda items, and schedule appropriately.
  4. Timelines. Initiatives that come with a "loose-tight" timeline foster vision and production. When an initiative lacks this there is no structure, and when there is no structure much falls through the cracks of the initiative.
  5. Transparency. Straight talk matters and makes a big difference.  If others are spending time trying to figure out what's going on, that wastes time. 
  6. Respect. Have a positive attitude and respect the actions and attitudes of others. Be open to questions for clarity as clarity helps to build respect. 
  7. Office Hours. Make time for your constituents and make those times or communication protocols transparent--be available for those you serve.
  8. Guidelines and Communication. Share the news on a regular basis through weekly memos, updates, or feeds--keep people in the loop of the organization's accomplishments, focus, plans, and needs. 
  9. Delegate. What can you delegate for best effect. Often we don't take the time to realize that we don't have to do it all.  There's often eager volunteers ready to help out. 
I write this list for my own work as well as anyone else who finds it helpful?  What frustrations do you have, and what would bring resolve?  The more we can smooth out the rough edges of our own work and efforts, the better we'll be able to do.  Agree?