Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teaching a Blended, Standards-Based 4th Grade Math Program

I am facilitating a blended, standards-based math program this year at fourth grade.

Blended means that I'll be using multiple tools to teach math including tech, hands-on exploration, problem solving, worksheets, and more.

Standards-based means I'll pay particular attention to new standards as I teach each unit.

My work with UClass is prompting me to look at each standard with depth.  I'm adding lessons to that website for a small fee and a chance to work with a start-up in the ed field. If you want to access standards-based lessons with an easy-to-use "package" I'd recommend you try UClass.

I'm also placing my lessons and organization on my own Tenacious Team 15 Math Website which I'll update unit by unit and share with grade level and school system colleagues as we implement and assess new standards and strategies for effective teaching.

As I think about this year's roll-out of the program, I will follow this initial order as outlined on the website:

1. Review of Scope and Sequence and Standards (we did that last week).
2. Starting Facts Practice Routines (online with Sum Dog and Xtra Math)
3. Assessments, Review of Data, and Teaching Plan.
4. Place Value/Rounding Units
5. Addition/Subtraction and Introduction to Problem Solving.

After I complete these units, I'll begin my work on the measurement unit.  Each unit will embed the skills, strategies, and concepts of previously taught units to provide continued practice.

Please add any useful tools and strategies to the website in the comments section if you'd like. Also feel free to access these links and strategies as you augment your selected school programs to teach children well in a blended, standards-base math environment.