Saturday, September 14, 2013

Effective Process: Collaboration

As I ready for next week, I'm thinking about effective process and collaboration.

As I think about this topic, I'm reminded of the following attributes.
  1. Sharing procedural information and information to consider prior to conversation so people can reflect, think, and prep for a good conversation.
  2. The need for a facilitator to lead a meeting beginning with introductions and the review of the agenda.
  3. The importance of a meaningful focus, one that most people are invested in--a focus that matters.
  4. The advantage of backwards design, working from the point of the success criteria of an initiative or plan and backwards as you map the work you plan to do.
  5. Taking the time needed to analyze a problem well before discussing solutions.
  6. The number of people involved--how many people are too many for a good discussion, share, collaboration, and initiatives.
  7. The need for tight foci--too many agenda items can diminish effectiveness.
  8. A positive attitude--giving everyone a chance to share, contribute, and debate.  This process is really helped by preview of agenda, materials, and focus. 
  9. Record keeping so that all have an accurate idea of what has happened throughout the process.
Effective process makes a difference when it comes to positive change--I want to focus on this topic next week as I collaborate with colleagues to teach children well.