Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Course

My new course will be to study and implement all the new standards with depth.  I'll challenge myself to implement these standards into worthy, student-centered learning design.  I'll move standard-by-standard in ELA and math this year to help students learn with success. I'll complete my year's coordination and commitment to UClass as part of this process.

At fourth grade most of the standards are related to essential reading, writing, and math skills--the building blocks of a good education.  I'll integrate tech, hands-on learning, and field study, as I work with my talented grade-level team to share ideas and teach children well.

The routine for this will include the following:
  • Use my professional learning time to study the new standards and embed those standards into great learning design.
  • Choose professional activities related to learning design.
  • Use professional energy for teaching students well including lesson planning, teaching, assessment, response, and adaptation.
  • Try out new tools and strategies often.
  • Continue to collaborate with learning design PLN in real time and online.
  • Set small goals along the way, unit-by-unit.
Meaningful goals set the stage for good work. Meaningful goals also serve to fill the energy reserve needed to teach well.  The focus is set, and the work is waiting to be done.  Onward.