Thursday, September 19, 2013

Classroom Close Reading Continues

The first week's close reading exercises were a true s t r e t c h.  The stretch actually gave us a chance to focus on how to figure out words you don't know, and the scientific words in the passage had many great clues embedded in each word. The format of the text also allowed us to apply Bill Belichick's "chunking" strategy--we took the article sense by sense. The article's challenge especially captured the attention of a few future doctors who particularly enjoyed the content and vocabulary the article offered. We finished the task with a related crossword puzzle and deeper knowledge about how our senses work.

Next week, I'll strive for use a mostly grade level text about habitats.  I'll use this process:
  • Students will take a few minutes to apply the 5 p's with independent preview.
  • We'll review their work together and decide on a class reading plan.
  • Students will read the text with partners or small groups.  Some small groups will be led by teachers, and others will be independent. 
  • I'll review completed work and offer a challenge vocabulary activity to strengthen understanding. 
Week by week I'll continue this process as I work to develop students' close reading and reading response. I look forward to reading more articles on the topic.