Friday, September 20, 2013

A Range of Friday Reflections

Contrived vs. Authentic
Situations that are contrived do not lead to the same kind of rich, real learning that authentic situations lead to.

Who do you structure for?
Your school structure is your focus, routine, physical space, and schedule.  Who do you structure your day and space for--who does that serve?  When we structure the day for authentic student learning, we are doing a good job.  When we evaluate that structure we should look at efficiency, results, and ways to improve.

Is your time on task with students effective?
I believe that the skilled time on task with students is the best way to build better schools and respond to student needs.  When you are with students is your time effective?  Are you spending most time working with students or most time planning for working with students?  

Have you chosen the right goals?
Do your professional goals truly impact and enrich student learning?  

Do you advocate effectively for what is right and good for students?
How do you advocate? What approaches do you use?  Are you successful, why or why not?

The end of week three is a time of refining goals, structures, and focus as I move forward in the school year.  Summer study and idealism set me up for some big expectations and disappointments at the start of the year, now with my "place" in  mind, I'm reworking the goals and focus.  The upside is that I teach a terrific group of young children who have tremendous family support.  Onward.