Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time-on-Task With Students Matters

The time we spend on task with students matters in classrooms. Knowing and understanding the services available helps all teachers best target and schedule their service delivery, teaching efforts, response, and child care.

At times, due to multiple situations, it can be confusing in schools to target and coordinate a child's educational services. When this happens, the child loses out. I think that those of us who work directly with children every day realize the importance and strength of time-on-task.  It may be that some who rarely or never work directly with children might not understand the importance of taking time-on-task efforts seriously.  What do you think?

Today many classroom teachers have inclusion classrooms--those are classrooms that include children with multiple needs.  I'm a big fan of inclusion, but I worry that sometimes the classroom teachers get left with the job of providing all the services even when a child has the legal right to specialized help.  That's why I believe it is very important that we take service delivery seriously and make every effort to give every child the care and direct time-on-task they're entitled to.