Friday, August 30, 2013

The UClass Adventure Continues

This is what your UClass search page will look like. 
UClass* is bringing me on a 21st-century adventure as I navigate multiple actions and analyses that contribute to this invigorating start-up.

By way of my tech interests and actions, and a friend from California, I found myself meeting with UClass entrepreneurs on Google Hangouts to discuss their new venture.

Now that the school year has started, I'm finding that my UClass participation is leading me into lots of standards-based analyses and review with regard to lesson plans and the curriculum I teach every day.  It's exactly the way I like to learn as the efforts are both challenging and meaningful--what I do for UClass benefits my classroom teaching and student learning.

Further, UClass is building a fortress of worthy lesson plans.  A visit to the site can serve to wake up your mind to numerous ideas for the classroom, homeschool learning, or independent efforts. UClass can also help you find a lesson that meets a specific standard, subject area, or grade level. If you're a new teacher, this site offers efficient lesson retrieval that should help as you plan your four or five lessons a day.

I've been calling UClass the "Twitter" for lesson plans--efficient, easy to navigate, and like Twitter, "your needs answered in minutes."  I'm excited to see where the founders will take this innovation, and in the meantime I'm having fun and learning a lot by contributing.

If you use UClass let me know what you like most about it, and if you haven't tried this venue yet, why don't you take a look and see if it will meet your teaching/learning needs.

*UClass is paying me a small stipend to "play" with their platform and contribute.