Monday, June 17, 2013

Ending: Beginning

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The way we close the year is the way we'll open the next.  Hence what goals, structure, routines, and efforts do you hope to retire, continue, or embrace next year?

Student Service: 
How will you serve students next year?
I have found that a solid, "loose-tight" yearly, weekly, and daily routine and pattern ensures that all of the important teaching and learning happens. Hence, I'll make the time upfront to carefully plan those patterns with my grade-level colleagues and PLC team.  The patterns will embed the grade-level standards as well as brain-friendly, student-centered learning design and tools.

Learning Environment: 
How can you make the environment an inviting place to learn and grow?
The use of rugs, bean bag chairs, and portable desks, shelves, and tables allows the environment to morph and change to meet the needs of learners throughout the year. Our team ordered more baskets, bean bags, and shelving so that we can create "Maker Stations," cozy reading corners, tech centers, and independent learning stations. 

School Culture:
How will you work to contribute to school culture?
In this area I will again work with my grade-level team and administrators to look for the best places to contribute to school culture.  I will also make the time to show gratitude to colleagues who contribute to our school culture in so many important ways.  We all know that "it takes a village" to run a school well, and no one educator can be all things. 

Professional Learning: 
How will you develop your repertoire to serve children well?
In general, next year I'm going to work towards greater quality than quantity of innovation and change. Now that many, many new approaches, structures, and tools are in place, I will be thinking about how I can further match the innovation with research to make the learning as potent and positive as possible.  I will also continue to contribute to and learn from my PLN both online and offline through chats, blogs, and conferences.  

Collaborative Teams: 
How will you work with colleagues to best effect student learning and growth next year?
Our professional learning community (PLC) devoted countless hours to numerous initiatives this year. At the end of the year we realized that it was time to grow our collegiality, efforts, and goals with greater intention and understanding.  I look forward to developing our collaboration next year and I am wondering what our initial meetings will determine with regard to our PLC norms, roles, structure, and goals.  We have a talented, diverse team with tremendous potential when it comes to sharing and developing our collective professional learning and craft. 

Summer provides time to read, research, relax, and regroup before another busy and profitable year.  It is important to reflect on the past year, and set goals for the next while the year is fresh in our minds and hearts.

What goals do you have for the year ahead?  What areas of growth and service have I missed?  How will you continue to contribute to the learning community you serve? What support will you seek in this regard?