Monday, June 17, 2013

Endangered Species Open House

"Today is a time to celebrate the finale to an amazing project. The project was amazing because there was room for every child to shine by showing off their skill and interest in specific parts of the project.  While some enjoyed making the mural the most, others liked to research on the computer best.  Still more enjoyed working collaboratively while some preferred reading a book on the topic alone.  This project offers students multiple paths for learning, and that's what learning is like today.

So different from when I was young when information was scarce and books and today's modern learning tools were not readily available, these children are growing up with information everywhere and numerous, varied tools for learning--tools that make learning accessible to almost everyone almost everywhere!  It is an amazing time in education.

At this amazing time in education, the important message is that every child has what it takes to become successful, and every child has the ability to take a learning path that is energizing, engaging, and enriching.  Education no longer has to be "one size fits all" or "do it my way," but instead education offers a menu of many approaches for success.  

One factor integral to this success is the support, inspiration, and care of the learning community. We all know that the role of teacher belongs to everyone in the learning community including the students, the family members, the teachers, the leaders, and the community. We all play an important role in our own success and the success of those we care for.  In that regard, I want to thank everyone here from the students to the family members to the teachers and leaders for a wonderful year of learning!

Now, I'd like to specifically recognize the students of Team 15 who have learned with creativity, care, and dedication throughout the year. After I read each name, please applaud. Thank you!"