Saturday, April 06, 2013

Work That Matters: My List

I just wrote a post, Work that Matters.  As I think about my personal "Work that Matters" list, here's what I include:
  • Regular research and reading in order to bring the best ideas and latest information to my classroom work.
  • Collaboration with colleagues near and far to build my repertoire for best effect.
  • Learning design that considers specific students, context, research, goals, tools, standards and engagement.
  • Regular formative assessment in order to assess, revise and enrich teaching efforts when needed.
  • Student voice and choice, time and effort to involve students in their own learning by giving them the chance to voice their ideas, needs and questions as well as choice over specific learning paths and tools.
  • Learning to Learn Mindsets and Habits: Taking the time to teach students about effective effort, mindsets and research related to learning. 
  • Essential Skills: Building students' foundation of essential skills in literacy and numeracy so that they have a strong foundation for learning.
  • Inspiration: Sharing stories, content and activity that nurtures students' curiosity and inspires inquiry.
  • Community: Taking the time to build community through conversation, problem solving, compassion and celebration.
  • Student Response and Coaching: Regularly responding to students' specific learning endeavor through personalized learning, feedback, coaching meetings and timely response online and off. 
When you think of your "Work that Matters" list, what would you include?  What have I missed?