Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Synergy of Tackling Big Problems

I like to tackle big, meaningful problems with collaborative groups.

I like the energy, learning, debate, and outcomes this kind of problem analysis and solution work brings to an organization.

I enjoy gaining multiple new perspectives, ideas and actions when it comes to a situation. I like the challenging, disruptive and growth-producing energy and synergy that occurs when this work is done well.

When we tackle issues in our organizations, classrooms or systems, what problems stand forth as the biggest, most intrusive problems--the problems that really cause a divide between good work and great work?  How can teams rally around those issues to make effective change?

That's not to say the small issues are unimportant.  Little things can disrupt the good work that's possible, and those need attention too. Some argue that the strength of organizations lie in righting the small wrongs, but I think tackling the big, important problems or goals is the best way to build community, collaboration and a job well done.  Do you agree?