Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Education Journey: Rerouting One's Path

Sometimes the answers you seek are not readily available.

You ask and ask, but the answers are not there.

That's the time to shift directions and find another path to meet goals and vision. In this info-laden age of quickly changing tools, processes, knowledge and strategies, growth potential is extraordinary.

Hence, it is more essential than ever to chart the course, plan the path, and reroute when necessary.

As a classroom teacher, my focus is on holistic student development and growth that meets standards and responds to students' needs, interests and passions.

Standards are broad and deep requiring thoughtful introduction, effective practice, meaningful discussion and timely response.

Students' needs require attention to traditional skills as well as critical introductions and practice with new tools and processes.  They desire relevant, meaningful, responsive, joyful learning opportunities with kind, caring and invested teacher coaches to guide and support their journey.  Families seek a teacher as an advocate and support as well--educators who work positively to bring children forward with skill, understanding, confidence and joy

Ideally systems work with teachers for optimal growth, innovation and effort, but that's not always possible in all ways since the education landscape today is complex and riddled with multiple challenges. Hence teachers must often chart their course alone or with close colleagues enlisting support from parents, willing leaders, and the community to serve children.

Teaching well is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.  There are many paths available, and it is essential that each teacher navigate his or her path towards effective practice.

What have you found to be a positive path towards best practice?  How do you navigate events that challenge your potential and work?  What are the components of a healthy, happy education journey?  These are all questions I consider as I reroute my path once again to teach children well.