Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Little Mice: A School House Fable

The little mice scurried and met, planned and worked to create a beautiful nest for the babies.  They met time after time and argued and argued about the best design. The little mice sent out surveys and studies, and read books and made plans. Finally they had a masterful design.

Meanwhile the mother mouse had been thinking about the same problem as she wanted a wonderful nest for her litter. As she carried the little ones, she thought about what her litter would need to grow with strength and happiness. She met with other mother mice to see what they had done to create a nurturing, warm nest, and began to construct her new home.

When the mice committee came to her with their plans, they found that the mother mouse was there in her new nest surrounded by the healthy litter.  It was too late for the perfect plans they had created and all their time was spent in vain.
   "Why has this happened," exclaimed the mouse chairperson.
   "Yes, what did we miss," exclaimed a committee mouse.
   "You never asked me," replied the mother mouse. "Why did you never consult me.  I am, of course, very interested and invested in creating a wonderful nest for my babies, but I couldn't wait for all your plans and ideas, plus since you didn't include me, I didn't trust that you'd create a place that would nurture my litter. Just think what we could have created if we worked together," she sighed.

The committee mice left with their heads hanging low while the mother mouse went back to nurturing and caring for her litter.

Moral: Work to serve others is in vain if you don't include those you serve in the plans!