Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That Quiz: Terrific Math Review

I've been using the wonderful website That Quiz for tailored math practice, review and assessment.

Today we had a wonderful math tech hour featuring That Quiz as we prepped for the upcoming math MCAS test.

Prior to the start of the year, I set my students up as a That Quiz class.  Then for today's math tech lab, I created a number of tests with 20 review questions on topics ranging from area and perimeter to geometry to measuring and more.

Once students completed their paper/pencil problem solving packets, they got a lap top, logged into our Math menu on our class website and began linking to the tests. As I helped individuals at my table, I had my lap top open with the test results in front of me. I told student that they had to get 80% or above on each test, and if they got less than 80% they had to retake the test.  I welcomed students to come up to me with their lap tops with questions.

As I watched the scores come in and helped students at my table, I could hear lots of chatter all around the room as students coached each other on the tests.  Their conversation included lots of math vocabulary and trouble shooting as they reviewed and practiced each skill.  When students came up with questions, I could clearly see what was causing them trouble with the concept.  Also many students were calling out to me, "Ms. Devlin, please reset my test so I can take it again."
    I responded, "Do you need my help?"
    And they typically answered, "No, ______ taught it to me," or they came up to me with questions.  I always tell the students, "I love questions; that's a true sign of intelligence."

Unlike days of old when students would labor over problems, pass in their papers and wait for the teacher to correct the set, the quick-feedback tests on That Quiz offer instant feedback as well as online measuring tools such as rulers and protractors and problem images and models.  That Quiz also offers the teacher a spreadsheet of scores to refer to and analyze as he/she plans follow-up lessons and practice.

What online tools do you use to give students practice and review with math concepts?  How do you organize the use of those tools for best effect and optimal student learning?

This is one way that technology is positively affecting the work we do each day as educators.