Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional Practice Priorities

Again and again I prioritize.  Why?

I prioritize because there is unlimited potential in education today, but time and energy are limited.

Hence, at this fork in the road I prune and detail the landscape around me mindful of the essential questions I posed a while back.

Where am I headed:
  • Effective math teaching and test review.
  • Project base learning/endangered species unit.
  • Enhanced literacy studio.
    • fluency 
    • independent/small group reading/writing
    • interactive read aloud/comprehension strategies
  • Learning design study and research.
  • STEAM study and learning.
  • NBPTS Renewal.
My overall goal is that my study and work affects student learning in positive, engaging, and empowering ways. Once your goal list is simple and straightforward, you know you're ready for thoughtful action.  

Where are you headed at this turn in your professional path?