Friday, March 29, 2013

Leading Questions Develop Craft

What are your current leading questions when it comes to your craft.  This is my short list:
  • How shall we revise a popular, traditional learning unit, endangered species research, so that students both learn the unit content/skill and focus their learning and final project on educating and affecting action for positive change (learning that makes a difference)?
  • What is story and why is story important? How do we write and share our stories with craft, organization and voice?
  • How do digital tools enhance and develop voice, understanding and share of mathematical knowledge, reasoning and skill?
  • What are best practices and protocol when it comes to vibrant, productive collaboration
  • How does math workshop create a student-centered, engaging environment for math teaching and learning?
  • What tools, structures and strategies support the 24-7 classroom: a learning community that develops a student's life-long learning foundation, mindset and action?
    • MassCue potential workshop, October 2013
  • What tools, structures and strategies support student learning in the multimedia literacy studio?
    • 2013 Literacy Focus
  • How do educators effectively design learning that is engaging, thought-provoking, responsive and standards-based?
  • How will I design a vibrant online network to serve as a virtual classroom platform which encourages voice, choice and share of all members of the learning community: parents, family members, students, and educators?
  • How will I redesign the classroom structure to effect optimal independence, efficiency, and engagement with regard to learning? 
In this info-laden age, we are question driven.  Knowing your questions is one important way to navigate your learning path through the dense thicket of available resources.  The questions serve as your map.