Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Screen Time?

Some use "screen time" to describe the time spent with digital devices.  They use the term to limit and deny computer use.

I'm a fan of a balanced, multi-sensory education, particularly during the early years, but I think that some believe that computer time in classrooms is a kind of "screen time" where students are glued to a screen?

Computer use in classrooms is much more than that.  Mainly, in the best circumstances, the computers are used as an integrated tool in classroom life.  Like a pencil, the computer is used to assist, complement and present learning--it's not the sole tool or event in the learning endeavor.

Often, a collaborative group of students will create together.  Seated on bean bag chairs or positioned around a table, students will work together with paper, pencil, computers, conversation and debate to create and learn.

Hence, the discussion about computer use with young children is much deeper than a discussion about screen time.  Instead it should be a discussion about learning design--facilitating learning endeavor that develops students skills, knowledge and concept in meaningful, engaging and empowering ways.