Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In every work place, cliques form.

It is natural that in large organizations that like-minded people will embrace each other in friendship and care. At all times in our life that will happen and in many cases those friendship circles will prove to support growth, happiness, and care.

At times, cliques can become a destructive force in an organization. That's particularly true if the systems' decisions and work are influenced by one clique or group in ways that are secretive or lack transparency. That's why it's important to find the optimal personal-professional divide in the work you do, a personal-professional divide that's more difficult to navigate in a world of FaceBook, working from home, and numerous other personal-professional intersections that exist today (and frankly, have always existed).

Hence what are the protocols that lead your personal-professional connections?  What are the systematic values and ethics that you subscribe to in this regard?  How can we support one another in this regard so that we maintain positive, professional environments as well as caring, kind friendships?  It's a sensitive area of work life, one that I'll be thinking about with greater depth.