Saturday, February 23, 2013

Small Matters?

There are matters in school that are small matters, yet small matters gain increasing momentum over time.

Who has time during the day for planning? This varies a lot in a school system, and often represents structures that haven't been re-looked at for many, many years.

Who communicates?  Some communicate often, perhaps too often, but at least you know what they stand for and do, while others rarely or never communicate.

Time with students. In most cases, teachers are almost always with students while there are other educators who have little time with direct response or instruction.

Who's hired?

Where are we going? What is the path ahead for our collective growth and movement?

What are the current successes?  Needs?  Challenges?

With some matters, there is an ease related to questioning and discussion, yet with other matters there is an unwillingness to explore or discuss. It seems like moving towards transparency and streamlined systems will leave less time for unspoken matters and more time for forward movement.  Do you agree?