Saturday, February 23, 2013


Perhaps my lens is different from your's.

My lens is founded on the following beliefs.
  • Transparent knowledge and information leads to greater effort, engagement and success.
  • Streamlined, clearly defined systems, roles and responsibilities direct an organization with strength.
  • Thoughtful, collective vision shared is vision met.
  • Debate is critical and should be welcomed.
  • Regular, dynamic conversation with diverse voices will lead an organization forward.
  • Systems for assessment, revision and change should be at play at all times. 
  • Lead time is critical, and spontaneity is critical too.
  • Everyone in an organization is a dynamic component to that organization, and everyone's voice matters.
  • Innovation streams, research and creativity are essential to every organization.
  • Knowledge of the past and assessment of the past is integral--keep the best of traditional practice and effort while embracing the best of the new. 
  • Knowledge should not be viewed as power, but instead viewed as potential.
  • Ethics matter.
  • Truth matters.
  • Mission matters.
Both in my personal life and in my professional life, I believe that making time for what's most important leads one to the most meaningful, positive effect. Weeding our gardens of unnecessary efforts, old beliefs and misdirected notions have the potential to collectively move us in a positive direction.  That movement takes honest discourse and careful attention to one another with respect to our work, goals, mission and vision.

Is my lens different than yours?  If so, how?  I'd like to refine my scope for optimal performance and growth. What processes will lead me and others in that direction?