Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong

I get a lot of push back.

I painstakingly plan lessons and research the work I do.

I listen to children, and use the best tools at my access to support student learning.

Generally, my students are happy, productive and making progress.

I'm not perfect.  I make mistakes.  I take risks.  I learn a lot.

But after 27 years of teaching, I know that the key is to put student engagement and learning first in any discussion that involves education.  And when I put students first, I think of holistic education--not just standards, current curriculum, program constraints and mandates, but the whole child.

I speak up when I see the potential and promise. I question roles, responsibilities and actions when I think we can do a better job.  I look to my own work and try to improve my craft and delivery.

I'm okay with push back if it comes with rationale, reason and examples of how my thoughts, ideas and effort could be better with regard to teaching children well, but I'm not okay with push back when it's related more to systematic rules and red tape.

I don't want "getting better" in education to be a constant battle for new ideas and innovations, instead I want to work together with my colleagues to grow our school with strength and kindness in an effort to serve children well.

Tell me what I'm doing wrong in this regard, but please be gentle.  I'm tired from the weary battles waged.