Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ideas and Innovation Rerouted

Thanks to the inspirational and thoughtful comments of my PLN and a good night's rest, I realized  that I have to take my ideas and innovation down another path.  That's why I tweet, blog, attend edcamps and present at conferences--to route my ideas into avenues where there are supportive, idea-people who are interested in growing schools just like me.

So yesterday when I met push back about a new idea, I became frustrated as with all the push back there was little rationale when it came to research or facts related to student learning, engagement and success--the mainstay and focus of my work as an educator. Then, in sleep, I realized that the biggest issues with this idea is that I couldn't do it alone because it required downloading to our system, the idea required the efforts and permission of many other educators whereas web-based, crowdsourced and online venues are usually available at a click of the key.  Hence, that's the route I'll have to take to try out new learning venues for now--not a bad route since it's a route students can often travel with ease since the venues are open to all.

In the meantime, Diane Marcus sent me an invitation to participate in tonight's #edChatMA, a discussion amongst Massachusetts educators and anyone else whose interested from 8pm to 9pm.  Tonight's focus will be the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This is a document that will impact the work I do in the years to come--work that I'm interested in since I believe if we begin students' education with wonderful science exploration and discovery, we will foster a more positive attitude towards science and the development of more scientists.

I'm going to prep for the talk now, and will write some initial notes. Thanks again to Diane and her colleagues who have created this wonderful way to share ideas and learn so that we're prepared to embed and teach these new standards.