Monday, December 24, 2012

The Learning Design Journey

For schools like mine that have technology, a dedicated staff and a supportive community, the focal point for education today is learning design.

How do we leverage personnel, tools and information so that we support the development of flexible, facile, engaged and motivated learners?  How do we design learning endeavor that builds skill, develops knowledge and concept, and responds to students' passions, interests and needs? In what ways should we restructure and recreate learning environments and schedules to further strengthen our learners' success and agility?

These are the questions I will be asking and researching as I refine students' learning menu in the year ahead.  I will also work towards greater collaboration in this pursuit with the learning community (i.e. parents, students, colleagues and community members near and far) in the year to come.  I have started collecting a list of posts to support this journey.

The Learning Design Journey is an exciting, invigorating path for educators today--a path that can truly impact our students' confidence, success and impact now and in the future.  I look forward to your insights, ideas and camaraderie as I travel this professional path.