Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My home is quiet as my older children sleep or play with holiday gifts.  We adopted my husband's French-Canadian tradition of sharing our gifts on Christmas Eve after a joyful family dinner so now Christmas morning finds us relaxing before the whirlwind of Christmas activity starts.

My large Irish-Polish American family will join us to celebrate Christmas with a meal and gift exchange.  The house will be filled with noise and stories as young and old, ages three to eighty-two,  celebrate together.

I find myself filled with gratitude on this Christmas morning.  I am grateful for family, colleagues and yes, the Internet--a vehicle for expression and share, a way to exchange thoughts, ideas, beliefs and longings with others.

I can only imagine what the new year will bring, but I know that through the continued connectivity of my PLN online and off, I will bring the new year a renewed commitment to do my job well with a focus on student learning and care for each other. Happy Holidays!