Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writing SMART Goals: MA Educator Evaluation

I wrote a number of goals for the school year and posted them a while ago.  Then I went to a training about writing SMART goals this Friday. I further discussed the idea with my sister, also a Massachusetts' teacher, the next day.  After that I refined my goals from big and broad to tight and specific, and looked for and created ways to document evidence to show that I am moving towards my teaching goals.

The process seemed so difficult at first, and I thought,  How can I cull all that I have to do into two simple, specific goals. But after great coaching from my sister, and the all day training, I was able to write the goals.

After writing the goals and creating an evidence document, I realized that my thinking about the goals,  and actions related to those goals, had changed.  I am much more specific now about what I need to do to move these students along with respect to their metacognition, strategies and effort so that they meet the spring goal.

I can also see how writing SMART goals has the potential to move entire schools forward with specific, action-oriented efforts to teach with best effect.  Let's see what happens.