Friday, November 09, 2012

What's Important: Massachusetts' Educator Evaluation Standards

“Anytime we take common sense out of the equation, we’re going in the wrong direction.”
- Castellinne, Teachers21

I just spent the day learning about the new Massachusetts' Educator Evaluation system with greater detail. The terrific presentation was given by David Castelline from Teachers21. The standards are detailed and specific, but in summary here are the focus objectives.

1. Curriculum, Planning and Assessment
  • creating, implementing and refining standards-based effective, rigorous, high quality, coherent instruction.
  • meaningful student assessments that inform instruction.
  • constructive feedback.
  • knowing subject matter well.
  • a good grasp of child development and how children learn.

2. Teaching all Students

  • promote learning and growth for all students.
  • high expectations
  • safe and effective classrooms.
  • cultural proficiency.

3. Family and Community Engagement

  • Effective partnership with the learning community: families, caregivers, community members and organizations.

4. Professional Culture

  • Promote the learning and growth of all students through ethical, culturally proficient, skilled and collaborative practice.

There's greater detail to the process including administrators' regular 10-minute unannounced observations, self assessment and SMART goals. In the end though, it's all about good teaching and I can support that.