Friday, November 30, 2012

Now, and Later

Now, I'm entrenched in the day-to-day.  Students are busy reading, writing narratives, exploring a number of math concepts, building skill with computation, delving into animal adaptation and preparing for our poetry celebration and creativity days. The only problem at the moment is how to fit it all in.

Later, there's much to consider including the following:
  • A strategic plan for utilizing technology to empower students' literacy skills and information access.
  • Considering and creating STEM labs at our elementary schools. 
  • Developing RTI more so that we personalize student programs for best effect.
  • Writing grants and obtaining the funding for sound-proof recording/videotaping rooms.
  • Making the work we do meaningful as much as possible by embedding service learning and community based projects into our learning.
  • Growing our global interactions, awareness and study.
  • Developing brain coaching and strengthening through carefully chosen tools and exercises.
  • Retiring old practices that are no longer effective; identifying traditional practices that remain essential and developing new and innovative approaches to engaging, empowering learning activities.
  • Continuing to creatively look at time-on-task and scheduling to optimize educator and student energy, investment and outcomes.
  • Revisiting traditions that build camaraderies and care. Updating where necessary. 
The challenge lies in giving today the time and energy it deserves while leaving space for later's needs and interests.