Thursday, November 08, 2012

Join Us: Kids Talking to Kids, A Better World

We're taking the leap on Thursday, November 15 and leading a Global Education Presentation at 10 am EST.  We welcome any students or student groups who would like to join us and discuss ideas for a better world.

The children are working carefully and creatively to create a presentation that will invite your thoughts and ideas.

If you're wondering how to participate, here are the steps.

  • Check out the Global Ed Schedule a couple of days prior to the presentation to get the Blackboard link.
  • About 10-15 minutes prior to the presentation, log in.
  • It's best to hook up your computer to a screen so all the students can see the presentation.  Students can participate with microphones or by typing their comments and questions.
  • The presentation will last one hour.

I suggest that even if you can't attend our presentation that you and your students partake in at least one of the presentations during the week as your students will be working with many throughout the globe in their lifetimes.

I've been nervous about this new endeavor, but since I chose to do it for good reason, I'm going through with it to build students' global competence and voice.

Please join us, it should be an enlightening time for all.  Thank you.