Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Edublog Awards: A Great Way to Say Thank You!

I encourage all who profit from the great idea sharing on the web to take the time to nominate some of your favorite blogs, individuals, groups and educational events for the 2012 Edublog Awards.

Not only will the process give you a chance to say thank you to many who inform your practice and work, but the nomination process in itself is a chance to evaluate your own use of the Internet as a professional development vehicle.  As I nominated several, I was reminded of the many, many educators who support my work each and every day--so many more than I was able to nominate.

Like so many other educators, my students and I profit from the honest, thoughtful words of many educators and others who blog about their educational questions, ideas and practice.  And while I don't like to choose one blog over another, I do like the idea of taking the time to note wonderful blogs and give credit to some of the many educators who make the time to blog regularly to share information and develop our collective professional knowledge and work.

Hence, here are my nominations for 2012:
Mary Ann Reilly's blog, Between the By-Road and Main Road prompts me to think deeply about the work I do and why I do it.  Thanks Mary Ann!
Connected Principals  provides me with daily access to wonderful thought leaders in education.  
@DCulberhouse always challenges my thinking and leads me to new books, Ted talks, posts and other information that has made a dramatic difference in my work.  Thanks David. 
I'm nominating Pine Glenn School in Burlington, Massachusetts for their thought provoking, cutting edge blogs and website.  Pine Glenn is a leading ed-tech elementary school that's constantly innovating.  Take a look if you're interested in growing your school's digital presence and work. Thanks Dan, Laura and Pine Glenn!
  • Best student blogWSPN
I'm nominating my school systems' student website that includes many blogs: WSPN Thanks WSPN!
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blogCybraryman
Hands down, Cybraryman gets my vote for this category. I always refer to his resources when I'm looking for that just right chat or blog.  Thanks Jerry!
This was a tough one for me because I follow a lot of teacher's blogs.  This year I'm nominating Matt Ray's blog, From the Desk of Mr. Foteah becauseI like and grow from reading Matt's honest, caring posts depicting life in a New York City elementary school. Thanks Matt!
Sharing or Blessings by Shira Leibowitz is the blog I'm nominating this year.  Shira continually pushes my thinking and practice with her intelligent, research posts about all aspects of education. Thanks Shira!
Talker's Block by Seth Godin has influenced by teaching and work related to all areas of the curriculum.  Terrific example of a post that says a lot in a few words. Thanks Seth!
Tom Whitford's tweets both encourage and challenge.  He keeps the conversation going at a quick, focused clip.  Thanks Tom!
  • Best twitter hashtag#edchat
I continue to find #edchat to be the place to go for educational thought, wisdom and links.  Thanks to all who started #edchat and continue to support its weekly chat and sharing.  Thanks #edchat!
Google sites provides an awesome tool for creating websites that can serve students and teachers in so many positive ways. Thanks Google!
I nominate the Steve Hargadon's Thursday night interviews are a great use of audio/visual to learn about the big ideas in education.  I hope to partake of this venue more often in the year to come.  Thanks Steve!
  • Best educational wiki
No nomination at this time. 
Kathy Perret , Shira Leibowitz and Jessica Johnson of #educoach led a great summer book study related to the book, Making Learning Visible, Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie. This book chat fostered improved practice in countless classrooms at the start of the school year. Thanks #educoach!
  • Best educational use of a social networkKidVote
Krissy Venosdale @ktvee did a great job mobilizing many elementary school students for KidsVote. Krissy's blogs is also one of the most graphically pleasing blogs on the web.  Thanks Krissy!
  • Best mobile app
No nomination at this time. 
George Couros always inspires me with his versatile, challenging posts and tweets.  He has committed himself to developing education so that we serve children well.  He gets my vote for a lifetime achievement award.  Thanks George!