Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Work Hard?

There are times when you wonder why you devote extra time, energy and attention to your work? You wonder why you take risks, try something new and reach forward when most of the support is for the status quo, expected schedule and traditional approach.  You become defeated by the constant debate, lack of support and disrespect you earn from pushing the boundaries.

Then you realize that you go the extra mile because you know schools can be better.  You know that if you engage students and show them the excitement and wonder of learning, you'll start their journey down an incredible path.  You remember the days in elementary school when you sat dutifully, waiting your turn while the teacher repeated a concept endless times, a concept you grasped the first time.  You understand the latest cognitive research that supports invigorated, vital  learning environments where teachers act as coaches supporting each child's individual learning goals and needs, and you're aware of the incredible, life changing tools and strategies available to learners today.

Working hard for children matters, and systems thrive when that work is rewarded with respectful routines, schedules and collaboration that focus on student learning first.