Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Technology: Learning Design

We've moved beyond the time when tech tools were new to many and we're now in a time when tech tools are everywhere.  Children are using tech tools from early ages, and encounter tech platforms in most of their daily routines and events.

Tech is not the novelty it once was, and that means it's a time for change in how tech is deployed in schools. Tech is an integral tool for learning and should be regarded as an important part of learning design.

Today all teachers should know about and utilize technology to make learning more engaging, accesible and successful for students, and the questions and actions regarding technology should focus on learning design.

How do we design learning events that engage, empower and teach students both content skills and "learning to learn" skills?  What is the ideal developmental curve when it comes to tech integration and use? When and how does technology strengthen student learning, and when are tech tools merely a playful device, but not necessarily a vital learning tool?

These are the questions we should be discussing, and the discussion should extend to all members of the learning community including students, family members, educators, administrators and community members.

This turn in the road of technology integration likely means that roles, responsibilities and departmental structures will need revision.  What worked before is likely outdated now.  It's probably a time to rethink tech departments and educators' roles/responsibilities with regard to technology and vision.

How is your system responding to the need for learning design that embeds technology in engaging, meaningful and productive ways?  What structures have you put in place to support this change?

As I write, I realize this discussion will seem silly in just a few years when tech is fully embedded in learning communities everywhere.