Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sandy has pounded the East Coast and schools have been canceled due to power outages, unsafe travel and flooding. Families and teachers in my class community are able to stay in touch with one another through the closed social network, NING.

I am able to guide children who have homework questions and thoughts.  I am also able to list learning updates and changes. There are many advantages to closed social networks and virtual classrooms when it comes to communicating with the learning team: families, students, teachers and administrators, and one of those advantages is staying in contact during canceled days of school (as long as tech is powered up).

Other advantages include:
  • Posting student projects for all to see.
  • Having online discussions about topics that matter to the learning team.
  • Posting links to learning enrichment.
  • Answering questions.
  • Reading and writing stories you want to share.
  • Sharing images and videos.
  • Sending the weekly newsletter and home study list to all in the learning community.
  • Creating a year-long log of learning events and information.
  • Making learning more accessible to families who are traveling or children who are ill.
The virtual classroom, NING, supports the daily in-class school efforts providing a 24-7 platform for optimal learning. It's a positive academic tool that takes children into the digital learning world with guidance, oversight and care.