Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Math Standards: Transparency

I'm finally diving into the new math standards with zest as I create a student/family/educator-user friendly presentation of the fourth grade Massachusetts' standards which include common core standards.

As I draft the presentation, I am mindful of the following
  • I want the document to serve as a go-to place for students, family members, educators and others who want to understand the fourth grade standards.
  • I want the document to act as a teaching and learning resource. 
  • I want the document's language to be accurate and understandable.  I'll bold focus vocabulary and add definitions and links for better understanding.
  • I want the document to be a work-in-progress that I continually refine, update and enrich as I learn more about the new standards and the best ways to teach each standard.
  • I want the document to encourage blended learning with numerous links to varied activities and information such as videos, games, paper/pencil activities, virtual models and more.
  • I want the document to be streamlined and simple to use, thus leaving more time for rich learning activities and endeavor. 
Unlike days of old when there was one text book or a discreet set of materials to learn, today we have a vast collection of resources to access.  Hence, the focus today needs to be on a learning process that includes continual revision and reflection.  

This standards site will work in tandem with my class math website, Tenacious Team 15, and classroom program.  I am always open to developing my math work to teach children well so please don't hesitate to offer ideas and suggestions.  Thank you.