Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer's End: A Cheer for the School Year Ahead

Today is the final day of the summer vacation.  As always, the summer took many unexpected twists and turns.  Professionally, the highlights included the #mtasummer conference, the #educoach chat related to Making Learning Visible for Teachers, and summer reading and blogging. Professionally it was a summer of significant learning, and personally, it was a summer of family events--the kinds of events I treasure.

The classroom is ready and the first week's plans prepared.  Today I'll ready my home for the upcoming year.

What will the year bring?

Inevitably the year will bring typical routine, new relationships, unexpected surprises, learning and challenge.  Each year is a new journey, and I can't imagine the specific details, twists and turns this year's path will bring.

Last year the emphasis was on embracing and integrating new technology and tools of learning while this year the emphasis will be on the details, effort and activity related to optimal student coaching and care--growing my repertoire for serving and teaching each child well.

You will note a stream of repetition in my posts as my writing will serve to "cheer myself on" as I embark on this deeper, more targeted effort--the kind of effort that's similar to parenting, one that doesn't garner front page news or shine, but instead reaps the reward of quiet comments, a job well done and happy, successful children.

If you're taking a similar journey this year, let me know.  Tell me what works and even what doesn't work.  Share your accomplishments and questions.  The essence of teaching is the quiet, day-to-day work that involves routine care and intent--the kind of work that flourishes when we cheer each other on and support each other's efforts.