Sunday, August 12, 2012

Politics and Education: My Vote

I tweet with educators all over the globe.  I honor their fine work and dedication to the world's children. The educators I tweet with differ with regard to political views, religion, culture, geography, lifestyle and more.  That doesn't matter to me. When I tweet with my colleagues all over the world, I want to share with them and learn from them so we can all do our work well to promote optimal learning and the best, possible educational experiences for children.

It is a political time in America.  We've got big elections coming up in the state of Massachusetts and the country.  I will vote for President Obama and Elizabeth Warren.  I will vote for those candidates because I believe they both have the vision, education and viewpoints that will bring the USA forward into the global society that we now live in.

Their opponents appear to be good people and fine family men, but at this time in our country's story, we need to move forward and our leaders have to have a strong understanding of the law as well as a strong vision for what's possible for the average American of every culture, religion, gender, age and community. The nostalgia for an America of old is a safe, welcoming idea for many of us, but a look around us or a quick search on the Internet clearly demonstrates that we're not heading back; we're moving ahead, and forward movement demands new ideas, vision, algorithms and innovation. Warren and Obama will move us in that direction.

I was shy to share my political views as I don't want it to fracture my collaboration with teachers, students, families and friends across the globe. I believe there is strength in debate and room for differences. I'm sharing my point of view because I dearly love our country and I know we hold great potential for a peaceful, prosperous future in harmony with the world. We have work to do so that we end war, diminish pollution, improve health and eliminate poverty. I believe that is possible. and it will take the energy, dedication and commitment of all to make this happen.

I invite respectful debate and differences. I encourage you to get involved in the upcoming election. Be informed and make a decision that will forward our country's intent: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all!

Note my political views and work will never infiltrate my classroom. There I promote an America based on our best ideals. I don't share my political views with my young students, but I teach and honor our democracy and values. The strength of our country lies in our freedom of speech, our ability to debate and differ, and the way we come together to do what's best for our children and all citizens in our neighborhoods, communities, states and country. We hold tremendous potential for a bright future.