Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Multimedia Literacy Studio Structure

Now that we're nearing the first day of school, I'm thinking about the structure of our ninety-minute Multimedia Literacy Studio.  How will I activate students' learning and foster their independence during this 90-minute reading, writing learning block.

The basic structure of the Studio will include the following:
  • Literacy Studio Ticket Prep Writing (5 minutes)
  • Interactive Focus Lesson: 15-20 Minutes
  • Student/Teacher independent, guided and collaborative work:
    • Independent, shared, and/or guided reading. (approximately 20 minutes)
    • Independent, shared and/or guided writing. (approximately 20 minutes)
    • Skill and focus lesson work online and off. (approximately 20 minutes) 
  • Literacy Studio Ticket Reflections: The Exit Ticket
  • Studio follow-up via blog posts, homework assignments and the next day's focus lesson.
The classroom environment will be set up to support the Literacy Studio with mini libraries spread out throughout the classroom and a variety of small group, partner and independent work spaces. 

I will start the year by sharing and revising the structure with students to best meet this year's class needs.

I will employ the use of the Literacy Studio Ticket to gather prior knowledge, encourage questions and end the lesson with reflection, "I learn" statements and more questions. 

Front side of Multimedia Literacy Studio Ticket

Back Side of Multimedia Literacy Studio Ticket